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Launch processes


- Do you know your market - 

The market research process is a systematic method for business decisions based on market data analysis and results. The market research library helps you organize and investigate your market information.


- How to prepare for the launch -


The "Planning" process handles the activity, project and budget planning for each product launch. You can create milestones, tracks, workstreams and activities to manage local and global launches. 


- Are you progressing as planned -

Tracking the progress of your activities can be hard and time consuming. You need to be able to identify potential issues and ensure that resources & funds are prioritized effectively and efficiently. 


- Are you ready to launch -


The readiness of a launch depends on various factors from different areas in the company.  By using area 'gates' you can easily monitor the launch readiness. Each launch has its own checklist and activity assessment to measure the quality of the launch activities.


- Is everything going according to the plan - 

In order to reduce time-to-market, it is important to optimize the launch processes constantly. Excellence tracking is about applying a governance on processes themselves and define criteria for ideal usage of tools and modules.


- How is your product performing -

Your product is finally launched, but does it perform as expected? Intelligence and visual representation of performance, are crucial in order to respond to challenges fast and effectively. This is a data driven process, which should provide answers on product uptake and forecasting.


- How can the launch activities be improved - 

Insights are generated by systematically investigation of various data sources. Decisions, actions and best-practices should be based upon collected insights, which will help you to improve launch activities and execution  


- How to share key learnings -

It is important to share knowledge and learnings from earlier launches. 'Best practices' is a process that supports and encourages launch managers to utilize learnings and materials that are significant to the product's launch phase.

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