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The "Planning" process handles the activity and project planning for each product launch. You can create milestones, tracks, workstreams and activities to manage local and global launches. 


  • Milestone plan

  • Project plan

  • Budget plan


Milestone plan

​This is the detailed rollout plan, that let you plan milestones on product and area level. Creation and changes of milestones are tracked with change reasons to provide insights on delays and challenges.

Milestones such as commercial launch are access restricted and changes are verified via approval flows.

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Milestone plan - History.png
Milestone plan - Edit.png


Launch calculator

The launch calculator helps you plan milestones prior to a commercial launch date. 

Milestone type

Define and standardize your own milestone types to align the entire product portfolio.

Approval flow

Some milestones will require endorsement across the organization. Changes to these milestones will trigger an approval flow. 

Change reason

Changes to milestones are logged and combined with change reason classification. 


Changes to critical milestones need to be communicated to the stakeholders. Users can subscribe and be enrolled to these notifications.


Dashboards and reports are responsive and allows the user to interact and customize for a presentation.


Access on milestones can be defined on product and affiliate level to support confidential commercial launch dates.


Local launches often rely on limited resources. By defining exclusivity periods it is poissble to flag potential risks. 


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Project plan

Planning - Activity planning.png
Planning - Activity tracking.png
Planning - Create activity.png

This module handles the activity and project planning for each product launch. The user can create tracks, workstreams and activities for each product launch.

Activity properties (e.g. responsible, category, target group, status, progress) can be set and tracked as well. Activity plans can be generated and managed on product and country level.

This provides the local launch manager of tracking multiple products, while the product manager can track the progress across different countries.



A best practice is to create project plan templates suited for a therapeutic area and local market. Activity timeline will adapt to milestones dates.

Gantt timeline

For a better visualization and dependency overview activity dates can be shown as editable timelines with relations and milestones.


All users can be assigned to activities to ensure responsibility and ownership.

Multiple plans

Individual project plans can be created for each local product launch. Interactive dashboards make it possible to track all plans together.


To get a full overview activities can be linked to other modules. It makes it possible to combine spend, budget, KPI deliverables and readiness.


Project plans are access restricted on area and product level. This can be used for confidentiality purpose as well as content limitation.

Change log

Changes to activities are logged to ensure that input can be auditted and reversed if needed.


Task and milestone dependency is supported to clarify the impact of a delayed activity.

Progress tracking

Status tracking and completion percentage can be set on activity level and aggregated on global dashboards. 


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Budget plan

Budget figures on costs can be applied per month to all activities and version controlled to follow financial budgeting cycles.

Budgeted and realised costs are tracked on activity level, which makes it possible to aggregate and monitor on a higher level.

Activity owners can easily track their own spend to ensure alignment on approved budget.

Planning - Budget planning.png
Planning - Budget tracking.png



All financial details such as WBS, GL account, cost centre can be applied on activity level to align with your ERP setup.


The budget plan supports local currencies both in daily and standard exchange rates defined in your ERP.


Manual reposting by financial controllers can be automated based on gap between an activity and allocated spend.


Budget numbers are version controlled and can be configured to follow anchor budget and rolling estimates.

Spend tracking

Procurement data can be allocated to activities automatically or manually. Track costs and progress collectively.


Contracts and purchase orders can be allocated to activities to track committed costs and remaining funds.. 


Budget numbers applied on activities can be exported and submitted into your ERP system.


Project and activity responsible can track spend variance and provide explanations.


Integration makes it possible to look up relevant documents for invoices and postings.


Integration to ERP systems are supported to link the project plans to finance. 


Budget plans are access restricted on area and product level. This can be used for confidentiality purpose as well as content limitation.


Accruals can be requested by the activity owners and applied to your ERP. Reminders are based on committed purchase orders. 


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