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This image describes the definition of this page, the innovations of LEA and its advantages in product launches, pharmaceutical product launch and Finance Excellence as well as AI capabilities.

To stay at the forefront of the industry, LEA© is being continuously improved. New updates, tools, dashboards, AI and the list goes on. With every new project, comes a new challenge. We collect the experience and knowledge gained from this challenge and update LEA regularly. New tools are being developed and updates are on the way. This page will contain all the Innovations within LEA.

On this picture is a woman working within finance on a project, using software to her advantage in order to achieve Finance Excellence

Finance Excellence

 Enhance Your Financial Management 

 Optimize Future Product Launches with Historical Funding Insights

 Efficient Budget Management Across Diverse Projects and Initiatives

cost of delay calculator on a dashboard in LEA
Product launch manager is working on Launch Excellence with the use of LEA.

Cost of Delay

 Find out the how will delay affect your product launch.
Quantify an economic value of completing project sooner then expected.

Click the screen to try it out yourself


Artificial Intelligence

Get the information you need in a blink of an eye with LEA's AI Assitant.
Key KPI's, improvement communication, increase in efficiency & effectivity.

Improve the application of best practices in your company & leave out the expensive consultancy.

 two men working with the Artificial Intelligence hardware in order to built an AI for product launches across the globe.
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