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Market Research
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Market Research

Transform the way you handle market research with LEA

Market Research, our specialized document management system (DMS), is designed to handle all types of reports for your targeted  product launch. This intuitive system provides you with the ability to build and manage your own  digital library of market research and analysis reports.

Streamline Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

With Market Research, you can easily define categories and target groups, empowering launch  managers to contribute and utilize valuable content, reports, and insights. This collaborative  approach ensures that everyone involved has access to the latest information and can make informed  decisions.

Simplify Your Market Research Process

Say goodbye to cumbersome manual processes and hello to efficiency. Our user-friendly DMS  streamlines the management of market research reports, allowing you to focus on driving your  product launch forward.

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Now with AI!




Users can subscribe to a search result and get notified when new matching documents are available.

Unbelievably easy

LEA's AI is unbelievably easy to operate. Ask the AI for the information or document you need in the same way as you would ask your assistant and it will retrieve the needed data in seconds.


As an administrator you can monitor usage and search trends to identify gaps between requests and available reports. 


Full-text document search is supported to ensure fast and precise results.

Secure AI

AI within LEA is completely isolated within the company's framework, with multiple security layers on top of that, making it the most secure solution on the market.


Tagging and additional information (such as links, ownership and tags) can be added to a document.


All document properties are available as a BI solution which allows the user to analyze and visualize data.


To increase transparency in quality all documents are rated based on usage and feedback.

Efficient and effective AI

Thanks to AI the time spent on various tasks at multiple levels is significantly decreased, increasing the efficiency of every stakeholder.


Access restriction is controlled by reader and contributor roles, On content level it is possible to define per product and affiliate.


Administrators can define specific categories and target groups to standardize document properties.

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