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To achieve the best outcome of your product launch, it is crucial that project managers and stakeholders can plan, access and track the most recent information. To support this, our pricing model allows you to onboard all relevant users into LEA®, without paying more!

You can simply scale the application based on how many launches you want to track.


launch planner



launch / month


application / month

Unlimited users

launch governance



launch / month


application / month

Unlimited users

Launch excellence



launch / month


application / month

Unlimited users

custom pricing




application / month

Unlimited users


launch planner

Are you missing your deadlines? Is it not clear who in the team has what responsibilities? Is your sales lagging behind expectation?

Then Launch planner would be an excellent choice for you.This package contains all the basic tools that you need to successfully manage your milestones, project activities and sales performance. Plan your product launch to achieve organized and timely results. Keep your plan & team organized and under control with activity assessment and product monitor

launch governance

Are you launching multiple products on multiple markets? Do you need to get your budget & expenses under control

Unlock your potential with the launch governance. This package contains everything what Launch planner does and more! Now you can assess launch readiness and track the progress of your launch. Get insights into the market, product and competitors with the full launch tracker. Use the KPI’s to help guide your decisions with the use of data!

launch excellence

Would you like to achieve launch excellence?

Then this variation would be the right choice for you. It covers all the modules available in launch planner & launch governance, with additional modules that expand your excellence in the ‘’execution’’ and ‘’launch tracking’’ processes, while it provides an opportunity to establish/improve your post-launch processes.As you may already know, product launch is a whole process and not just an event. Previous launches & experiences provide vast amounts of data that can be analyzed & used to improve your future launches. List your mistakes, evade them and repeat what worked well. Launch excellence package utilizes the insight generator to develop useful insights from your previous launches, where excellence tracker helps you assess strengths & weaknesses of your product launch. Use this to develop your company’s best practices to eventually achieve launch excellence at every launch!

custom made solution

Is your problem unusual or very specific? Do you need a solution for your situation, that we do not provide in our modules yet?

Do not be afraid, we have a solution for you! LEA is a modular application that allows you to enable the necessary tools and modules. Our software is built in-house and from scratch, enabling us to tackle any challenge in the market. If the module doesn’t exist yet, do not be worried, we are working on new tools and modules around the clock and welcome any new challenge. We have been able to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for our clients and have been successful at going above and beyond their expectations. Grab your destiny in your hands and enjoy the freedom to customize the application in any way you desire!The software can be fully customized, it can be made to look like a part of your company. It is possible to implement the company’s colors, logo and outline, to match your company design.

Included modules


Market Research

Market research library


Rollout plan

Project plan

Budget plan


Activity tracker

Spend tracker

Expert dictionary

Scientific dialogue tracker

Package approval


Launch Readiness

Activity assessment

Readiness checklist

Gate approval

Excellence Tracking

Launch process monitor

KPI details

Launch Tracking

Product monitor

Market monitor

Country / global reporting

Management reporting

Insight Generation

Insight generator


Power BI Portal

Best Practices

Best practice collaboration

Launch Planner
Launch Governance
Launch Excellence

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