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Best Practices
best practices

To facilitate this process, we have developed a comprehensive module that allows for the  documentation of every stage in the launch process. This module categorizes and organizes  documents, making them easily searchable, ensuring that users can readily access key learnings and  best practices.

Moreover, the module serves as a collaborative platform, fostering seamless sharing and accessibility  of documents and materials among team members.

Best practices

Sharing knowledge and key insights from previous launches holds great importance. The concept of  'best practices' serves as a valuable framework, enabling launch and product managers to effectively  leverage significant learnings and resources during the product's launch phase.

Best practices


Custom categorization

You have full control of your categorization within best practices, to be able to easily relay the best practices to the specific stakeholders.

Document usage statistics

Monitor the statistics of your document usage to find out which are the most helpful practices and which ones need to be improved to keep your taskforce informed.

Interactive overview

take control into your hands and freely interact with the dashboards to find out the most relevant information or the tiniest details within your best practices.

Notification on new documents

Instant notifications that inform you of new documents being added, so that your team can keep up to date knowledge on your best practices.

Document rating

Give your workforce an ability to rate the documents based on how helpful they are. This will ensure that the most helpful documents will be shared across the board to develop healthy practices based on previous experience.

Access restriction on content level

Protect your data with access restriction that can be restricted down to the content level.

Full text search in documents

Save time and increase your efficiency with LEA’s text search that goes across the documents and finds the best match to save your time and improve effectivity.

Power BI Integration

Integration of power BI allows us to create beautiful dashboards specifically for you. You decide what KPI’s, charts or information you want to see on your dashboard.

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