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Finance Excellence

Finance Excellence from within Launch Excellence Application, visualizing how to achieve Finance Excellence with LEA.

Get your finances under control with LEA’s Finance Excellence,

- Approve the budgets and track your activity spending in order to ensure alignment on approved budget.

- Apply budget figures on costs on monthly basis, with possibility to accustom the current version to follow financial budgeting cycles.

Monitor the budget on higher level or drill down to activity level.

- Consolidate launch funds and spend across all product areas.

- Track your budgeted and realized costs.

- simplify budget tracking for finance teams, affiliates, and a product manager. Effortlessly monitor your activity progress and budget variances

- connect budgets and spend to your local project plan! Unlock the power of historical funding

- optimize your future product launches with analyzed data!

Budget management & financial control of enterprises


It's a graphics that describes how to unify key aspects of finance excellence - Finance, KPI's, Spend tracking, variance, security and the ability to customize and integrate the LEA app within this sphere.
Final stage of Finance Excellence


Align your financial detail with ease – Apply WBS, GL account and Cost centre Information at the activity level to match your ERP Setup


Empower your organization with the right focus – The module includes pre-defined project KPIs but allows custom KPI Creation.

Drill down

The dashboards and reports have responsive design, enabling users to interact and drill-down from a global overview to a detailed activity level.


Support for integration with ERP systems allows for linking project plans to finance..


The reports and dashboards are designed to be customizable, allowing them to cater to specific requirements. New reports can always be added.

Spend tracking

With spend tracking, procurement data can be assigned to activities either through automatic or manual allocation. This enables collective monitoring of costs and progress.


The spend tracker offers a complete overview of products and areas, allowing you to identify and manage issues by drilling down into details.


Access to budget and spend information is restricted on product and area level, ensuring confidentiality and content limitation as needed.



All financial details such as WBS, GL account, cost centre can be applied on activity level to align with your erp setup


Integration to ERP systems are supported to link the project plans to finance


Project and activity responsible can track spend variance and provide explanations.


Contracts and purchase orders can be allocated to activities to track committed costs and remaining funds.


Budget numbers are version controlled and can be a configured to follow anchor budget and rolling estimates


The budget plan supports the local currencies both in daily and standard exchange rates defined in your ERP.


Budget plans are access restricted on area and product level. this can be used for confidentiality purpose as well as content limitation.


Integration makes it possible to look up relevant documents for invoices and postings


Budget numbers applied on activities can be exported and submitted into your ERP system.

Spend Trackimg

Procurement data can be allocated to activities automatically or manually. Track costs and progress collectively.


manual reposting by financial controller can be automated based on gap between an activity and allocated spend.


Accruals can be requested by the activity owners and applied to your ERP. Reminders are based on committed purchase orders.

Finance excellence dashboard

Enhance Your Financial Management 


Streamline your launch fundings and spend across all products and areas with our centralized  platform. Our modules empower finance teams, affiliates, and product managers to effortlessly track  budgets, prevent overspending, and ensure timely completion of activities.


Optimize Future Product Launches with Historical Funding Insights


Accessing and analyzing historical funding data has never been easier. Our module simplifies the  process, providing decision-makers with valuable insights to optimize future product launches and  enhance overall financial performance.


Efficient Budget Management Across Diverse Projects and Initiatives


Link your budgets and spending to local project plans effortlessly with our module. Experience  seamless progress tracking and variance analysis, allowing for effective budget management across  diverse projects and initiatives.

finance excellence management


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