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pharmaceutical product launch

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''Most advanced launch management platform in the industry''

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LEA® is on a forefront of innovation within parmaceutical industry. 
With a peculiar focus on continuous learning & innovation.


Launching a product is like launching a rocket. If you're just one degree off at launch, you'll miss your target by miles.

Mark Pincus, Founder of Zynga

A successful product launch means managing the unexpected as much as the expected.

William M. Bulkeley, Journalist

Market research steps
Market research


Project management process

Upload materials

Document management

Tag and categorize

Subscribe for
new materials

Project manager

Locate material

Performance tracking


Planning steps

Create best-practice

Management innovation

Structure launch
across products

Global Dashboard
rollout plan

Build rollout plan


Team management

Plan project costs

Plan project costs
Product launch
Team management


Track Progress

track progress
project management software

Identify bottle necks

Notify and engage stakeholders

portfolio management

Monitor cost and investment

Costs and investments

Other ​Launch Processes

Generate insights from the current launch

product launch innovation
Best practice generation

Insight Generation

Monitor & Manage the reports

management dashboard

 Get the market insights

Track your products

product tracking

Benchmark the launch status

process tracking

Monitor your KPI’s

product launch trackers

Launch Tracking

Approve the final decisions

Decision management

Evaluate your checklist

Assess the activities

Activities tracking
Product launch management

Excellence Tracking


Launch Readiness

product launch forecasting

Simulate sales & forecast

Develop or update your Best practices

best practices templates

Learn from mistakes and opportunities

continuous improvement
project benchmarking

Reevaluate your launch

best practices

Best Practices

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