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Market Research

Market Research is a user-friendly document management system (DMS) specialised to handle all types of reports for a targeted product launch. It provides you the ability to build and manage your own digital library of market research and analysis reports.

Just define categories and target groups to empower launch managers to contribute and utilize content, reports and insights.



Users can subscribe to a search result and get notified when new matching documents are available.


All document properties are available as a BI solution which allows the user to analyze and visualize data.


Tagging and additional information (such as links, ownership and tags) can be added to a document.


Administrators can define specific categories and target groups to standardize document properties.


Access restriction is controlled by reader and contributor roles, On content level it is possible to define per product and affiliate.


Full-text document search is supported to ensure fast and precise results.


As an administrator you can monitor usage and search trends to identify gaps between requests and available reports. 


To increase transparency in quality all documents are rated based on usage and feedback.

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