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Launch Tracking

Your product is finally launched, but does it perform as expected? Intelligence and visibility on performance are crucial to respond on challenges. This is a data driven process, which should provide answers on product uptake and forecasting.


The Launch Tracker module provides a standardized data warehouse and data mart for your data sources.

Just load the data and everything is ready for reporting and analysis. The module comes with ready-to-use data marts, aggregation rules, BI reports and 3rd party integration.

End users can comment, customize, distribute and access restrict reports.

Launch Tracker - Corporation performance
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To get a full picture of your post-launch performance Launch Tracker integrates easily to your internal and external data sources.


Enrichment helps you to combine data sources and convert measures into Effectiveness, Patient days, TRx and Units. 


Compare to you own forecast numbers or let the Launch Tracker predict the future by using the built-in forecasting model. 


One of the most common data source providers is IQVIA. IQVIA's proprietary MIDAS and Patient Dynamics are modeled by Enlight.


Supports several calculation and aggregation rules.

Market share, growth, share of growth, MAT, running totals etc...


Empower the product and launch managers to provide comments to dashboards and reports. 


Via mapping rules you can define how data sources should be linked together and apply your own business rules.

Data warehouse

All data sources are combined in one data warehouse for fast intelligence and correlation analyzis. Connect your own BI and Excel tools.


Utilize our built-in dashboards and standardized global trackers - or create your own tailored reports.


Products can be grouped into therapeutic areas, custom markets and product hierarchies.


Access is granted on product and affiliate level to ensure proper authorization for local launch managers and global product owners.


Dashboards and reports are responsive and allows the user to interact and investigate trends and variations.


Launch Tracker - How it works.png

Connect your

data sources

Define mapping rules and markets

Data is loaded into one model

Data and measures are available in a data warehouse 

Track, report and analyze 


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